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FSSC 22000 scheme: Food Safety System Certification

Application of ISO 22000 + Prerequisite programmes in the Agri-food Industry or Manufacture of food containers: Food Safety Guarantee

FSSC 22000 it is a complete certification scheme for food safety management systems based on existing standards ISO 22000​, ISO 22003​ and technical specifications for Prerequisite Programmes of the corresponding sector (food production, manufacture of packaging for the food industry or for the Transport and Storage of food products).

Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000)
FSSC 22000
 - Food Safety Certification System is an internationally recognized certification scheme for food manufacturers and applies to the entire production chain. This scheme is based on the ISO 22000 food safety standard supplemented by the requirements of ISO 22002-1 and the technical specifications for the PRPs sector. 
FSSC 22000 is especially suitable for food manufacturers already supplying or about to supply their products to retail chains or branded food stores.
Manufacturers that are already ISO 22000 certified will be audited against ISO 22002-x
and FSSC additional to meet all FSSC 22000 certification requirements.
All FSSC audits cover ISO22000, ISO/TS 22002-x and FSSC additional requirements. 

The benefits of implementing and certifying a standard for an organization
• Meeting the requirements of the most demanding customers (retail chains and multinational companies)
• Demonstration of the suitability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the established system by an independent third party
• Improve order and increase efficiency throughout the organization
• Cost optimization - reduction of economic losses in relation to labeling, filling accuracy, weighing, etc.
• Increasing the confidence of the public and state control authorities
• Reduction of the risk of food contamination or their deterioration and thus reduces the costs of the organization to address any damage caused, reduces the cost of degraded input raw materials

There is also a range of additional requirements established in the FSSC scheme regarding specifications for services, staff supervision, input material management, food defence, fraud prevention, allergen management, labelling and environmental control.

Organisations that obtain the certificate in accordance with FSSC appear in the FSSC Registry of Certified Organisations, which is publicly accessible on 

FSSC has implemented a new and unique COID (Certified Organization Identification Code) for each certified company in order to ensure the traceability of certified organizations. 

The FSSC scheme 22000 has been approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative, as have other food security schemes such as BRC or IFS.​​​

If you are also an exporter of agri-food products, you must know the Food Safety Modernization Act 2016 (FSMA), drawn up by the United States FDA, which seeks to improve food safety, particularly in foodstuffs imported from third countries. This law establishes the requirements for the export of agri-food products destined for the United States, while also facilitating companies consolidation in the American market.