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....... Welcome to Brilliant Certification

To Provide a Brilliant Certification services, consistent with customers and interested parties needs and expectations. One of the major our strategic objectives are to become the leading registrars in our region

Brilliant Certification are responsible for selling, operating, monitoring and delivering the evaluation, Certification and training services to satisfy the expectations of the clients. We work towards continuous improvement in every functional area
Our ability to service our clients and therefore make the business growth will be achieved through

  • every member’s role is shown  in upholding our core values and meeting our service benchmarks as well as fulfilling their role in assuming their responsibilities in daily business processes
  • Continual improvement in our management system
  • Complying with the requirements of international standard ISO/IEC Guide 65 : 1996.
  • implementing and maintaining our Business activities in full compliance with international standard ISO/IEC 17021:2006 to provide confidence that the requirements for Service Quality are being met and that improvements take place in our operations.
Our endeavor is to provide professional Services that meet Our Customer needs through the following principles.

Our Core Values:

  • Impartiality, transparency and integrity without Conflict of Interest
  • Prompt Corrective Actions and learn from customer feedback and complaints
  • Approachability and Professionalism


  • Conformance to Applicable International Codes
  • Consistency and fairness in our dealings
  • Ownership & Pride in our work
  • Continuously improve services for clients
  • Prompt and Efficient response to all enquiries and requests for information and services
  • Helpfulness and Value Added,
  • Clear and effective communication by providing straightforward information
  • Give our stakeholders satisfactory investment returns
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